Water, fermented or distilled alcohol, natural flavourings and there it is: the new drink that has come from the USA to stay.

Until recently, saying "hard seltzer" was synonymous with "excuse me, what did you say? Since the end of last year, internet searches have been multiplying, as have media reports and multinational companies interested in making their own.

The first hard seltzer was brewed by the Nick Shields brewery in Westport (Connecticut) and launched at the end of 2013. The definitive boom came in 2019, when a Californian youtuber showed the product in a video. In just one year and thanks to this promotional action, the category registered a market growth of 169%.

Market share growth is reaching speeds of 250%. This translates into a turnover of over 2.7 billion dollars (2.29 billion euros). Such is the success of this drink that large companies such as Coca-Cola, Heineken and Mahou, among many other groups, have set their sights on this product, which is expected to have a far from ephemeral presence. Some of them have already entered the national market.

As in the craft beer sector, logos, can designs and formats are also important in the hard seltzer sector, all very different and eye-catching in order to achieve greater consumer appeal.



At Brew and Spirits, we make three different natural flavours: Orange & Strawberry, Lemon & Mint and a Red Berry. We use natural flavours in the RAD recipe. Each reference has an alcohol content of 4.5% Alc. Vol., a total of 83 kcal, gluten free and zero added sugars.

In order to find the perfect flavours and recipe, we knew that we had to work with a very wide panel of consumers of different ages, targets, gender, ... until we found our perfect hard selzer.

Brew and Spirits' brewermaster, Cristina Saez, tells you about the process of creating RAD in this video.


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