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In 2019 we decided to make hard seltzer. The drink is originally from the United States, and there the growth in market share is exponential: year after year it exceeds any expectations. How could we not dare with a product that the consumer applauds.


We are artisan brewers since 2011 . And we decided to apply our experience in the craft world to making hard Seltzer. Thus RAD was born, clinging to the security that the more than 22 national and international awards that have rewarded our brewing know-how, and in the midst of a business and image renovation ( www.birraeblues.com ) should give us.


Our commitment to innovation and the constant search for those products that the market and consumers demand, has made us pioneers in the production of non-alcoholic craft beers and now also hard seltzer.

On the other hand, we aspire to excellence in quality. For this reason, we only use natural raw materials in our production processes. We dispense with pasteurization, additives and preservatives, in order to keep the good craftsmanship.

We invite you to enjoy our Hard Seltzer made on the shores of the Mediterranean. Our greatest success will always be that you like it.

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